Sastha Home Maintenance

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Home Maintenance Services is actually a comprehensive, non Comprehensive set of services provided and include of In house management work. Like EB Billing, School Billing, Telephone billing, Insurance and every billing related works, and Electrical, plumber on your door step.

One point solution for your home maintenance.  complete-home-maintenance-annual-package-maintenance-all-over-dubai-4f8e87c0ed745e47df03

Free services for Registered Members:

  • EB Bill
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Work
  • All Bill Payments
  • Car Wash
  • Every month work handled statement

SSS Maintenance is a professional service provider and founded in the year 2000. We offer to customer an array of services like carpentry, home cleaning, packing and moving goods, arranging call driver and organizing package tours.

During the last 3 years, we focused on building a few core services related to housekeeping, house maintenance, bill payments, realty, tours & travel, and staffing solutions. To ensure smooth running of each services, we appointed dedicated managers for each mentioned above functions and their mandatory work is to keep the eye on the ball and develop services that would provide quality and delight to customers. And that is what SSS Maintenance is all about an offering of critical services that customers actually need it. We perform all those time-consuming and critical routine jobs for our customers so that they can concentrate on their core jobs. Just enroll to our membership, we’ll provide to them a gift of time. And of course, freedom from the headaches of life.

We offer our host of services to:

  • Corporate Organizations
  • Flat Associations

Always welcome anyone to use our services, there is a special tariff for those who subscribe to our services by paying a Monthly/Annual Membership fee.

SSS Maintenance has its own Maintenance Team comprising of carpenters, electricians. Plumbers and supervisors. Our professional have several years of experience in this domain.

Our Maintenance supervisor will supervise on regular intervals and will take feedback regarding every service regardless of whether it is small or big to ensure, customers are delighted with every service.

You need not to wait for a day for getting the help which you need to sort out the irritate relating to carpentry, plumbing or electrical services. Just Relax!!!  And contact the numbers given below; we will take care of your required service at your convenience.

Membership – Flat Associations

Our services are ideal because, almost everything an association want – housekeeping, maintenance services and other odd jobs – are available under one roof

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